Life Lessons I’ve learned From Ponzi Schemes.

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 As they say; 

it’s either you learn from people’s experience or you learn from yours, which is usually the hard way. 

Since the crash of MMM, other schemes have risen from;, Givers forum, and the numerous Whatsapp schemes, I call these ones Local,  because they deal with smaller amounts.  You see these ones Ehn? they have showed me shege with caps lock on 😳 so, you know it’s real S H E G E. 

The very first time, I got involved in one,  I got triple my money back in 5 days, even as they were busy shouting “get your GH in 24hrs”. 

I kept disturbing the admin of the whatsapp group every day in the mornings like when the mosques do their 6 ‘o’clock call. Like, how can I loose money like that. Until the admin got fed up and asked “how much is even your money sef?  I just blurted out 2k! and I’m supposed to be payed back 6k!. The guy was so shocked and was like, “so, na even 2k you PH, you wan con dry my blood, your mate dey pH 10k”. Immediately I felt like I was raped… Then I gave him an epic clapback, “Shey na your money? Go tiff am for market na”. 

Long story short, I was paid back and after receiving my alerts of my full 6k, I exited and deleted myself from the group like as if it was a computer program I was trynna delete like we see in those american movies. 

Now, with the rate of sad stories being heard everywhere from participants, I finally compiled a lessons I’ve learned from these schemes ;

  • Mostly the greedy, yes “GREEDY” ones suffer for it.    
  • The very skeptical yet participating ones always disrupt the flow from rolling by quitting immediately they get their money back. Apparently, that’s where I fall in.  
  • Never get into what you can’t continue… Why join when you know you won’t PH, that’s pointless,just like entering the banking hall and not performing any activity. 
  • Always be informed on any thing before you get yourself engaged in it. Except you want to start telling stories that touch. 
  • Never put all your eggs, in one basket. This needs no explanation. MMM explained it all. lol 😁 



  1. Ponzi schemes have really shown us shege. I mostly agree with your points, especially the one about the greedy ones suffering it the most. While a lot of people have benefited from it, it also has it’s evils like causing restless nights, inability to focus on anything else, broken relationships and even untimely death. It is well jare. After all this is Nigeria, we are a country full of drama, there’s always something hot on the plate to keep us busy. Lol.

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