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Life Lately

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How I wish I could add just 5 more hours to make 29 hours/a day instead of 24… This past days have been too strenuous to just sit, relax and post. Some days, I feel like I should just have an imaginary Dangote day to just, wake up, relax, unwind and enjoy the fresh air that mother nature drives our way. But nahhhhhh, that’s a luxury I can’t afford right now. Life lately has been damn stressful.

I haven’t been able to complete a full task without having to roll it over to the next day. Not because I’m lazy, although I am, *chuckles with a stressed face* but because I have loads of work to do. You are beginning to wonder what I do that takes up my whole time ba? well here’s a quick breakdown…

I wake up by 5:30 am always except on Saturdays. I quickly engage in my little exercise of 30 push-ups, so I don’t forget when I move to my phone/laptop. Nepa abi PHCN have now been misbehaving, they now give us light for only 4 hours a day. and that’s from 10-1 and baaaaam!!!, they cease it, for us to continue with nature’s daylight.  So, most times, that leaves me with just my phone alone at 30/20% by morning to update social media accounts I’m managing. Too much wickedness from Nepa.

Even my department, isn’t making matters better. We have most of our lectures by morning. as in EARLY MOMO! 7am. I just know they can’t kill me. And we finish all by 5pm tops. feeling like a 9-5 job sef, considering the fact that I stay in town, not in school area, in my quest for better power supply. but na lie.

I was checking my last post, and the date of publish read; 14/05/2017. Sunday! 3 days ago!!!! Daaaaamnnn. So much neglect… and my exams are coming up soooooonnnn. I think I just escape this earth for the mean time. abi what do you think?

I think I need to plan how to start working smarter. there’s must surely be a way. I cannot die. School and Nepa cannot kill me.


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