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Living On $2 Per Day 

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​OK, so I actually do not know where to start with this post. I’ve been back and forth with this post. This should be the 99th time, if I haven’t lost count….Living on $2 per day. . . I mean is that money?

I have recounted times when I felt like publishing this post without having to rant or sound bitter all through. So I took chill pills whenever. But as of now, I think it is let it out as it is.


I’ve been feeling sick for quite some days now and my folks are thinking it’s stress or just normal malaria whatever. But deep within me, I know what I need is money and not one Paracetamol or coartem. lol

These days I jerk up at any sound of notification of message on my phone, even if at midnights, I’ve recollected times I jolted out of sleep at the sound of *pom*. I always hope it is credit alert. Even when I know that chances of getting credit alerts at 2 or 3 am is slim. I still jump out of sleep with full force. I pray one day it comes to pass.
I’ve been indoors through out the day. (meaning I slept through out the day) till I got up around  4:30 I think. So I felt sudden hunger, so I went out in search of bread. Checked my usual emergency call outside the yard my favorite bread seller. Only to be hit with the sad news that “bread don finish o, where you dey since”… Kai! I couldn’t handle the heart break. So, I decided to try other options till I suddenly found out something really really disheartening.

#100 can buy you nothing! It’s just so sad.

Where are we headed?

I roamed around the street like a local dog without an owner in search of something to buy with #100…

I finally settled for Garri. I was shocked when I was told there’s no more garri #20 anymore, it’s been hiked to #50, groundnut #10 has become #20 and sugar that used to be a common commodity is now #20. I couldn’t help but let out a loud WAWU!!! Haba! For this Naija again! Upon the whole money Whistle blowers have been exposing . . . Hian!

So, one can’t drink Garri again in peace without having to spend #100, and that’s because I have water at home. What if I don’t? Then I’ll have to spend 120 naira to drink garri kwa!!!.

Immediately I felt like crying. That means if I have just 50 naira on me, I can’t just get something to hold my stomach before getting something better. Oh Lord! where art thy face?

My next step of action now is to cut down on anything that isn’t basic enough.

So, to all those ones I burn airtime calling to say “I just wan hear from you” see ehn biko it’s till further notice…

Lemme quickly go and check my messages again. I just heard *pom* lol… I pray it’s Money!!! . . .


  1. Trust me I get that a lot. You get paid and next thing you know its gone and its not that you don’t have a good saving plan but……..
    I totally concur about that airtime burning, I have to put full restriction on mine, recharge cards have been sipping my funds like Hollandia yoghurt because of someone who claims to appreciate my calls but actions prove otherwise.
    Take heart Urban things will get softer soon…

    1. Awwwn Nina… Oya gimme a hug. Especially that airtime palava. Lol sipping it like Hollandia. I laugh in English… Amen! Thank you Nina. Sorry E-Girlfriend 😄😄😄

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