Look back At April, Look into May

Look Back At April, Look Forward To May

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Yaaaayyy! It’s the end of April (by the time of writing this) and the beginning May… Recounting on my previous post about what I have been doing lately and stuff. I feel the next best thing or the most appropriate thing to do right now is to pen down stuffs I wanna do for this coming month of May!
I’m actually typing this on mia notepad, I don’t want to start dragging rights of ownership with my WordPress app editor right now. It just can f*ck you up when you need its compliance the most. I mean can’t you just be like f*cking humble, cute chihuahua puppy for once! Urghhhhh!!!.

I’m not gonna spend my time or burn my fingers whining about WordPress app bla bla bla.

By my time it’s 11:00 pm sharp, no light, phone is almost off, on 1%, you guessed right, I’m using my laptop to charge. So no typing on laptop. And thank you my dear laptop for always being my power bank when Nepa tries to remind me I’m still in Naija. lol

Deep thoughts are running in my head like literally. I’m lying on my bed, thinking in retrospect of how the month of April ran.                                                                                             Mehn!!! April wasn’t a really good month for me… I did less of what I thought should happen. I faced the kinda stuff, it was a long time ago I faced. I struggled through April. Had many excuses, I lost contact distanced my self from God. I got too engrossed in my victory of March. Whatever I needed, I worked double or three times the effort to achieve. I really saw the worst I thought I had escaped for quite a long time…

All thanks be to God for pulling me back to his side after wandering away, still I wasn’t consumed. It’s amazing after all our shortcomings, we can still run into his always wide open, soothing arms. Unconditional Love.
May is gonna be bigger and better much more than the former. New plans, new goals, more consistency, closer circle, constantly seeking the face of God… In fact they are still numerous… I think I need to create a post for that soon. Titled; My to do list for May.
And not forgetting this month is my birth month actually… So yaaaayyy! 😚😋🙌🙏🎉🎊🎉🎊… Pardon my excess use of emojis lol 😁. No fex…

So there it is… Month of April is gone, May is here. Let’s get what is ours with full force… Take on this month with positivity, more momentum. And definitely there will be results…
Arghhh, my arm is beginning to ache Kai… WordPress see what y’all have done to me biko 😠…

Have a blissful month!


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