Love is never enough

Love Is Never Enough

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I’m sharing this because, I had a conversation with my Mum last night and it turned out, our topic of an hour long convo was “Love is never enough“.
This is the basic of any relationship whatsoever. Love will never be the only pillar to hold any relationship together. There are other factors (pillars) required if you want your romance to be a bestseller. I’ve always thought about this since I was much younger and aware of the world of relationships and marriages, because I’ve always felt there are times we hate those closest to us. You want to know the cause? For No REASON!!!

I’ve many a times, disliked being brothers with my brothers, disliked my mum so much I don’t want to see her. How much more a stranger we grew connections with all of a sudden. Someone we never knew from birth, nor since cradle (sometimes).

It’s very much easy to develop dislike (hate if that would better explain it) for someone we are trying to erase every differences with. There and then L O V E, disappears into thin air and then Commitment, Trust, Patience and it’s colleagues appear like a cat in a magician’s hat. These ones are the extra fuel that keeps the relationship going before the love is reignited.

These other factors are what keeps relationships and marriages alive against all odds!. I’ve asked my mum several questions in time past, and I think the last time I asked her something similar was about 5/6 years ago and it went…


Me: Mummy, you remember that time that things were upside down the most? Why didn’t you leave daddy even when I heard your sisters suggesting you to leave.

Mummy: Because I married him, not them. For better for worse abi don’t you watch film or have I not taken you to weddings before? Go and wash your clothes of last week and leave me alone.


As funny and strict as that sounds, it was straight and precise. Love is never enough.

Neither will it be now or in the future, because with the way this generation is going now ehn. It seems an app or a bot for relationship issues needs to be needs invented as a result of mass break ups.

I think I need to do a follow-up of this topic where I’ll be talking about the other pillars when Love is never enough. As of now, I’m closer to my bus-stop, lemme start yelling *Owa* now before I’ll be driven 5 bus-stops away.

Till my next post.

Bookmark this space.


  1. I think I’ve made a post similar to this, when you’ve been in a relationship long term, this is one of the many things you learn, that only love is not enough, it’s probably what distinguishes fairy tales from real life.
    P. S. Lol at Screaming “Owa”

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