#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

#MenAreScum: This Girl Wants To Be A Sex Slave For Iphone8

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There are some things that you just see and your head will want to scatter.

#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

Like AhnAhn! Are you mad ni!

This girl agreed to this guy’s (not her boyfriend) offer of sex for an iPhone 8. But shebi if it’s just a one time sex – we can still hear that one. 4 TIMES A WEEK FOR 2 gaddem WEEKS. As an efiko that you are, doing the math = 8 times in 2 weeks… Funkkeeeee!!!

#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

Here’s their convo.

#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

I even forgot the part that her boyfriend stays in the same area as the side-guy. Hian!

He even asked her to bring her friend so it can be a fellowship of threesome. As per follow come charger na ???.

#Menarescum iphone8 Men are scum

So if the phone falls and the screen breaks, she should just shout – Obo mi o. Obo jona!…

Pardon my vulgarity… It just came out, I couldn’t edit. But E dey pain person abeg!!

I don’t even have the strength to type self as per my health. (I know I didn’t say this since, my apologies). But this one? I have to show it to una, my people and to the world. Every time Men are scum, men are scum. See am na. Abeg I need rest biko. I’m not so strong.



    1. Mba, don’t turn it on us. If you really look at it, the guy seems to be playing games on her. It doesn’t sound like he means it… Tbvh.

      The koko is, the girl is too cheap. I’m sorry.
      Prosperity is not gender selective.

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