Merry Christmas Turbo Readers 

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Its that time of the year, we’ve all been counting down to. OK Christmas eve was just a normal day, except for the birthday of a close friend, asides that, it was just a normal day. 
Fast forward to Christmas morning, I felt like “God, I missed the days of the overwhelming joy of Christmas, from asking your mom, if your Christmas wear is in check and in tact 😂, waking up to see your mum and aunties busy in the kitchen, with enormous heat and aroma emanating from the kitchen, to getting dressed for church and children Christmas party later in the day. Oh, how I missed the good ol’days :'(. 

Back to reality, I actually just wanted to stay indoors, (not like I wanted to, but the crowd at the Cinemas nearby were just crazy, like as if they’ve not seen Christmas before sef, mtcheeeww). The day rolled on, with visitors coming, till the real Boredom hit me (it hit me real hard). But….. I got a call from cousin, inviting me over for a lil party, then I felt like I won a million dollar lottery. 

Got home with a full stomach, but by 11 pm, I was yearning for food again, so I stole my brother’s pizza with my cousin. 

Don’t judge us, please 😒

  Please don’t put on your judgmental robe just yet, Owu na Bastard biko. 

How did your Christmas go?  C’mon, Feel free to use the comment box below. Happy Holidays Turbo Readers! 😎

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