Mondays are for fresh starts

Mondays Are For Fresh Starts

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Its Monday and instead of complaining like most people would. ahhh o work again. waking up by 5/5:30 am to beat traffic to resume your 9-5 job. Stressful, NO DOUBT!!!.           But instead, I’m thankful for this Monday. Mondays are for fresh starts.

Here’s why…

This past week has been extremely unproductive on here. I have been so lazy to post anything and also was just uninspired by anything whatsoever.

Every time I tried clicking on my WordPress app or trying to write a post via my laptop, I just get bored out immediately. It bored me out for no specific reason. I was basically checking up on my favorite blogs, blogs I follow, and even discovered new interesting blogs. But found little or zero inspiration, not because they weren’t good stuffs out there, but I just did’t know what was over me.                                       I heard its called writers block? But I don’t consider myself a writer in anyway. *shrugs* I mean I’m just saying…

This past week just wasn’t one I can say “I am proud”. It just took its course… I withdrew from so many things. I prayed less, paid less attention to the things that mattered, communicated less, talked less. In fact I was on a “no magnitude no direction mode'”. Just living like there’s nothing. I really can’t explain the whole feeling.

New week

But this is the start of a new week, so, my mind’s made up to do more than I did last week, achieve more than I did last week. Pray more, meditate more, communicate more.

Its never too late to bounce back right?

So this week, is a time to revamp and get better in everything, I find myself doing.

P.S: I couldn’t think of a better title. So please if you got any better title, feel free to post it in the comment section.

Mondays Are For Fresh Starts. No sleeping on a bicycle… LOL


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