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Money Is What I want

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​Taani: Would u go back to jss1. For $10,000000

Micah: What a stupid question, u just try it, I will even go back to reception.

‬Me: I will go back to my mom’s womb. ASAP. No time. What’s jss1.

The above was a short convo from a whatsapp group… 

Have you ever had this feeling of just being given a very large amount of money, to do anything, even if it’s something very silly? that’s the feeling I have right now.

I got out to pay our Nepa bill since we don’t use a prepaid meter and mehn! Just by opening the door leading out of the house, the sun na die! Could fry dodo in 7 seconds. It almost blinded me. Had to go back inside to get my shades. Brother was surprised that he asked,

“Shey na on top Nepa bill, you wan do runway model ni?”…

 I didn’t even mind his jokes. I was more concentrated on how to get there fast and back with out being burnt like over-fried dodo.

I murmured my way to their office,

“if toh say money dey, shebi na car person for just cruise go pay this yeye homo-sapiens, abi just kukuma do Solar inverter. Mtcheeew” 

Imagine given $10,000,000 to go back to Jss1???

I’ll just get away from all this daily hustle lifestyle, get away from asking mum for this and pestering dad for that.

To be able to go to Canada, South Africa for vacation whenever I like, visit Miami or book a night at the topmost floor at Burj Khalifa. Get tickets or just be in a room chilling with Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandè and Alicia Keys just sharing ideas, singing, and not worrying about jumping okada or Nepa bringing light so that fan can blow my hot head…

Or just, have a night with Barack Obama just talking or just go on taking pictures and surfing the net without being scared about mobile data. Mtcheeew all this thing don tire person. 

Better still, just be in my zone, locked up in my room and left alone with 3 storey tall cake, with a bowl of Ice cream and a big box of pizza.

Somebody should have just money, big money, large money. In fact, this is my prayer point now

  1. Father Lord give me money 
  2. Big money 
  3. Large Money 
  4. Enormous Money 
  5. Mighty Money

I don’t even know what to title this post now gan sef. Money??? or what can it be?

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