MTN Doesn’t Want Me To Be Great

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So for the past 3-4 days, MTN has been terribly bad worse. I haven’t been able to do anything online at all for the past 3-4 days straight.

Like, this is what I see every time I look at my phone.

Emergency calls only

No message from them addressing the issue – before-during-after. Imagine the audacity!!!

Just when I have been suspecting them of drastically draining data subscription. I just logged on to my twitter account and behold my worst fear was confirmed. Folks were complaining also. How the hell do I finish 10gb in 2 weeks and a few days?

Abi they are charging me for dreaming, thinking I’m watching it play on YouTube ni? Ayam confused I swear!

Please who knows a better network with cheaper data and good network coverage (I know it’s not existent but please at least don’t make me sound like a fool, just contribute anyhow)

MTN, I’m watching y’all. Truss me, I gat ma eyes on you.

I got my eyes on you MTN


  1. I would say Glo, but I’m myself standing in the corridor of my freaking corridor because, network ?
    MTN…with the way you hype yourselves… What can I say? It’s only fair you experience some of what we on the other side experience ?
    10gb in 2 weeks. You were probably surfing YouTube all week long ?

      1. Poor baby ?
        I hope you continue to experience mishaps from their end. Maybe then you’ll see that you’re in no way different. MTN and others…you have mouth. When they do stuff you don’t like you keep it to yourself then. After all y’all are the ones on the throne ?

          1. ?? (All you said just amounted to the fact that you’re pained.) Don’t worry. It’ll get better. Pending the time it does, you can swallow your pride and come join our league ?

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