Musicians Glorifying Fraudsters Are Destroying Our Future – Falz

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Why is Falz being dragged for telling the truth? … I’ve been perturbed at the recent tunes being played everywhere you go, especially in school where yahoo boys are mostly predominantly.

So, 9ice has been trying to come back to the music scene after when people got tired of his sound , other artistes outran him. He released about two songs, with one being a remix of an upcoming artist’s track.

What’s disturbing about the songs???

He was busy applauding and hailing those, involved in “fraudulently collecting money from our colonial masters”  Yahoo yahoo. In fact, its their anthem.  At any party, you attend now, be it at a get together, house party or whatever. You’ll just hear the song. “ki’n sha ti l’owo”

At first, I thought I was the only one feeling disturbed about the message of the song, not until after seeing Falz The Bahd Guy, at the top of the trending list on twitter.

He made a statement about artistes, promoting fraudulent acts, and making it seem good to indulge in.

” As an entertainer sing about something that can help our life, paint a picture, tell a story, don’t glorify fraudulent behaviour it’s not good. You are destroying our future” 

Aren’t we the same youth clamouring for change, protesting that we are tired of the old folks still in offices and seats they have been occupying for decades now. I really do appreciate Falz. I think its about time we start pressuring our artistes to stand for something much more important and being conscious about their music.

The set of 9ice and his cohort hailing illegal persons is really derogatory about our music industry. You’d be hearing names like “Baddyosha, Opa6ix, Jaguar, Aremo Gucci” the list is endless. I hope you haven’t forgotten about “Hushpuppi”? The one that got blogs posting every now and then?

When you are promoting and glorifying people like this, then you are tarnishing the image of the country and telling youths that, to make money? Yahoo is the best way to go. Which is totally wrong. And to think he “9ice” was once a contestant for a public office in the 2015 general elections.

I wish I could a hand on the video, would have loved to share it on here. Still searching for a link I can download it from. Falz! thank you for speaking out on our behalf.


  1. Great post👌,from we come from, illegality is glorified more than legality. Remember I made a post about how nothing is in order. I sincerely hope our great countrymen wake up and smell the coffee so sanity can return to our nation.

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