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Hi everyone, how’s your week rolling? *yawwwwwnnnnnsssss* mehn its been a lil rough lately, its really been stressful trying to put things together and also trying to meet up with my new to do list.  and why does it happen so much that after making a commitment, it just starts working otherwise *hands in the air like WAH*.

Back to my topic; 

It was just a normal day at the office yesterday,during my lunch break, I decided to check through my snapchat ( I’m usually not active), I got a notification from a not so long friend/school mate and wow DL!!!, I screamed his name. I viewed his story, then chatted him up, and we started catching up on old times even though we weren’t so close in school (as he dropped out)  for various reasons. Although, he’s a young entrepreneur with focus.

In the course of the whole catch up thing, we exchanged numbers again, since I misplaced his when I lost my phone and we talked about virtually everything and he mentioned about not regretting dropping out of university, as he’s now about attending the NYFA, and this is just one of the numerous good things he has achieved so far…

After, sharing his story with me, I became so inspired and motivated that anything can be achievable as long you put your mind to it. I was happy and joyous like      ” YES! he survived against all the odds”

Hardwork pays, its only time its gonna take, because where there’s a will, there’s  a way.

Till my next post.

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