My “Thank You” To Nairaland 

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I don’t know how to start this post actually. I’m eternally grateful for Nairaland, as it as has driven mad numbers on to my blog… You don’t know the feeling. 

I made a post on here, and shared it on Nairaland after having several thoughts and contemplation on whether it would be taken to Front page. After much pondering, I decided to take that leap of faith lol. And yes! It turned out great! Trust me when I say you don’t know the feeling.

So far, the post has a ranking of about roughly 35,000 views! Shocked!!!… Na so me sef see am o.

And so far so good, it has converted also onto my blog. Yea yea yea, I know I haven’t been consistent on here for some 2 months now, and you know what that does to an upcoming blog… Epileptic stats!

Nairaland has really been of much help, sincerely. Now I have noticed a  high boost on my statistics now.  *Yea, Nairaland made me a G like that 😎*…

Incase you’re wondering the post am busy making mouth about? Hun, here’s a link to it. Nigerians and Our Weird Food Combinations 

Thank You Nairaland! 💪👍


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