To-do list for May

My To-Do List For May

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So, finally I have the balls to write down to-do list for May, after proposing it in my post about “Looking back at April and Looking forward To May“. I’ve been having a lot of doubts about the kind of things I wanna get done this month. Call it Fear maybe?… Like its different sort of, more about myself basically.

And I have been feeling some type of way recently, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna make it known later on another post. Keep this space bookmarked, its gonna be uploaded soon.

Getting back on track. This month is rather going to be more of simpler tasks. Not something like constructing another Titanic ship lol.                                                              Yea, enough off the talks. Let’s get to it. no time.

  1. Read more in school than I’ve ever done: Exam is gonna be knocking any moment from now. And i’m currently in Lagos, getting stressed by lagosians and everything generally, rather than school stress. (You get the picture)
  2. Get Better This Month Onward: I’m getting bored of my new state of mind, I wanna do more, read more, meditate more, soul search more and get better than I’ve ever been. I think I should make this a post in itself. Yea, I think I should.
  3. Body-Groom Myself: I’m not one to talk about grooming, doing exercise, running to the gym, take care of beards or what have you in the category of body grooming. But since gods of beards are expecting me too pay a billion dollars for them to increase the 6 strands of hair on my jawbone, which I’m not gonna do. So, I’ll rather result to doing push-ups, and early morning jogging. Time to start building chest abi what do you think? Please don’t expect to see *lifting irons* between the lines. I’m not a mallam, or laborer.
  4. Go Out A Little Bit More: I mean, I’m usually at home, lock myself indoors 24/7 except I wanna go buy something (pure water, airtime) and a little bit of mid-week church service, which kinda technically makes it less than 24/7 lol. A little bit of visiting the gardens, the leisure hall were we used to play in-doors basketball and table-tennis. Lawd!!! I’m beginning to have memories right now.

Yea there it is, my to-do list for May. I know its more about myself though, it ain’t bad, is it?

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