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Nepa wants To Kill Me

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When you feel you need people the most, then you get disappointed often. I have always noticed this, either with relationships, money or even in the examination hall and I begin to wonder *Why Always Me*. Why am I saying all this… I will tell you. Chilax.

I know you’d have been wondering why I haven’t made any posts here since the course of the day, well I have an excuse! Yes, I don’t want to take responsibility for it. Hence, the weird title of the post.

Uncle/Aunty, it is Nepa! Nepa!! Nepa!!!.  They are always disappointing, when you need them the most is when they’ll now be doing

I'm in charge now

Trying to tell me they are the source of my joy or happiness and that I don’t pay loyalty to them. Now guess what, I tried turning on the gen and it didn’t even last for 46mins. Nepa influenced our gen too, I forgot to reduce the fuel tank and now, the shoulder of fuel that I’m trying to cry on, is gone.

So, apparently I’m writing this post with the speed of light, before my laptop goes off. Call me the Nigerian Flash. (raises shoulder)

Challenge completed

Hopefully, now that I’ve paid this little homage to Nepa, they can finally show me mercy even if it’s 1hr of light.


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