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Nigeria: Why are you proud to be Nigerian?

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f you’re Nigerian then you’ve probably spent at least 10 minutes complaining about Nigeria and other Nigerians today. Admit it, we all do it.

At the same time, most Nigerians are fiercely proud of their country and are proud to be Nigerian.  I was wondering why – what do you think makes us so special?

The same people who rated us amongst the poorest people on earth, the most corrupt nations, the countries with highest mortality rate, the countries with low life expectancy,etc…also rated us amongst the HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!
Proudly Naija
I miss those days when I used to shout ‘up NEPA!!! although we still do (especially in our minds) but we’ll just feign straight face when they bring the light.


Our schools don’t have the best facilities and resources, lecturers don’t often have the student’s best interest at heart but these didn’t stop our parents from sending their children to school and hasn’t stopped our students from studying their ass out.

We have serious power issues in our Nigeria but this hasn’t stopped people from building tech startups that depends solely on power. Go to Yaba

Nigerian military is one of the riskiest and most unsafe military in the world but young Nigerian still apply every year in their thousands.

You can hardly break the spirit of a Nigerian. You will notice we don’t commit suicide often. (Just try thinking what can make a Nigerian commit suicide) Its really something that’s not common at all.

Another reason is, wait for it…

We can make a joke out of anything, I mean anything.

Finally, we are twitter war veterans. I don’t care the population of your country or maybe you guys developed Twitter, don’t fight a pack of Nigerians in a Twitter war. I promise you, you will loose. Ask Kenya! We roast them anyday anytime.

Now tell me, what is there not to be proud of ?

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