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Nigerians Are Tired Of The Bad News; Biafra

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I like every other right thinking Nigerians are tired of the steady bad news that rocks our tv set, radio, and the internet. Its becoming irritating by the day. Its either it is boko haram today, or Biafra (I have my views on this) or it is the ritual killings, kidnappings or armed robbery. Its just too much.

Our politicians are the sole cause of all this, they take Nigerians as idiots that don’t know anything at all.

As at yesterday the clash between the Igbos and the Hausas rocked the airwaves throughout, every other news was subliminal. I don’t want to be pass off as a tribalist, but how about we dissect this whole Igbo-Hausa-Nigeria thing for a second.

The Igbos say they are being marginalized, which I know this to be true. Hence they want to be alone_ Biafra.

The Hausas are threatening the lives of  the Igbos in the north, for NO CONCRETE REASON. They have herdsmen in Igbolands, killing, raping their women and kidnapping their people and destroying their properties. Again… FOR NO REASON. Why is always them… I’m sorry if I pronounced tribalism, but can you please read between the lines?

When the northerners threatened the Igbos and sent a public quit notice with an ultimatum asking the all Igbos to leave the north, it got little or no attention, if not for the large disapproval and contribution from the Southwest which made it a national issue. The presidency and other arms of government would have done nothing.

This passes a very bad notion about the present administration as being corrupt and having ulterior motives. It only springs into action when it comes to issues bothering the north and plays politics with issues of other tribes. Have we forgotten the last line in the first stanza of our national anthem? “With Love and Unity”

I’m not taking sides on whether Biafra or No Biafra, my point is we take action on the solution that has been proffered, that our politicians are trying so bad to stay away from. We have a REFERENDUM. Like the United Kingdom. We all remain as Nigeria, but we have our regions, our economy. Since nobody wants to accommodate the other and as long as I know, the Igbos and Yorubas don’t have anything against each other neither do they have against the Hausas. But why the hatred from the Hausas though? Its heartbreaking!!!

Here’s an opinion on Facebook by a friend of mine in the UK;

 Spent a lovely few hrs with my parents discussing many things…
Including what is happening in Nigeria currently. My dad is of same opinion as me that they should allow a referendum and STOP the SLAUGHTER. He thinks oil and money are the reasons that government will not allow it.

The violence needs to stop it solves nothing. All sides need to sit down and talk, let a democratic vote take place and all sides must agree to adhere to the results. Stop sending troops and police in. Instead of FORCE TRY PEACEFUL NEGOTIATIONS.


  1. I have many friends from all tribes and this violence breaks my heart. People who were friends now being driven apart by political greed. Allow a fair and honest referendum which all sides must adhere to.

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