Nigerians and Our Weird Food Combinations

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I know as Nigerians, we have foods that are divinely combined, that its so so odd trying another food as a combination to its partner.

But moreso, there are still foods that are permitted to have other combinations or can be combined with other foods. Example of such is; Bread


In the ghetto where most of us came from, its usually combined with Ewagoyin (beans)  or say, Bread and Tea, or Bread and butter/mayonnaise, bread and groundnut and so on… I think I’ve proven my point…

However, there are some combos that make you raise your eyebrows or clean your ears or your eyes when you see people eating them. You want to know those weird combos?

Bread and Suya!: Who on earth does that for Christ’s sake? I mean, how do you eat that? to think some people find this as a heavenly delicacy.

Bread and Custard: This one I’m guilty of. and no be say na me just start to dey chop am on my own o. Na my babe teach me. How weird? that’s what I used to think. I even teased her countless times when eating her best combo as eating bricklayers food. Don’t judge me, its just how it seemed, until she made me try it out and BWOY!!! the shii is gooooooooooooooood!!!!

Semo Pap: I got to know of this combo this year, as a matter of fact, last month when my roommate and I were dead hungry late at night when we couldn’t go out to buy anything. My guy just brought it up, and after convincing me of its sweetness after mixing sugar and milk, na im we drink Semo ogi.                                                                                    To be sincere, it tasted nice and all that, but abeg!!! My mates dey chop lassangna, White Rice and mixed grill, am here drinking Semo ogi.  And for the record, I visited the toilet to pee every 1hr30mins that night. All thanks to Semo pap.

And the last one I found at the time of compiling this list… I kent take this anymore…food

I don’t think the owner of the account up there is a Nigerian, it just can not be.  Twitter is home to savages, I must confess.

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