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Now That I’m Back To Blogging!

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Guess who resumed blogging again? ???. Uhun. That’s right. I’m back!

If you have been following closely through my last posts, you’d notice a very unstable pattern in my number of posts. First, it reduced to once a day, then once in 2 – 3 days.. Then a week and now… 2 whole weeks!!!!

I didn’t do this intentionally (I’m being truthful here). I had some issues going at the time and it took virtually the whole of me… Practically!

Lemme give you some of the gist…

Oya brighten your phone screen, and read carefully.

I was running late on a deadline of paying my school fees, not because it was so for other levels, but as per final year, when we have to start our Teaching Practice.

Teacher Urbanoversabi

Days were running out fast, turning into Weeks and MONTHS. I became too devastated, I had to start checking my list of Onigbeses. Calling, pressurizing, cursing, understanding and all that it came with…

Finally I got the money, thank God for an using my Uncle, I never explained nada to him. He just called, we talked for a long while, then he asked about school… Trust me… I told him my life problems, as in everything patapata. No second thought.

Thank God for Uncle!, he offered to help with the remaining and that was how I paid my fees. I resumed 2 months and a few weeks in, on the Practice… Just days before the deadline.

What A Mighty God We Serve!!!

So I paid, most of the schools around my place were full already, I had no option but to pick one that’s distance away from my place.

It’s a Government basic school (nursery & primary) in a growing village. I don suffer mehn!. My ears are hearing new words everyday. If you know, you know. Like my bullet proof is damn weak already.

I have a lot to talk about, from my Head-Teacher to my Co-operative Teachers, my class pupils – everything about my Teaching Practice (TP). It will be having the tag of, #TPChronicles. Best believe, it will be daily!

Let me get prepared for the Student teachers meeting.


  1. Aww I’m glad you’re back. I’ve been missing you post, and honestly, our bants in the comments of my posts.

    I can’t even imagine. Teaching Practice…definitely an experience on its own. I plan on teaching in a school sometime, just for the experience, and with the way Nigeria is going, well if you know, you know lol.

    Teacher UrbanOversabi!

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