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#PhotoOfTheDay Owambe, Yoruba

Y’all let’s be real,don’t you just love the owambe folks – Yorubas?

Like seriously! Camping gas as souvenirs? This is tewmuch to understand ???

The asoebi must be very expensive to give this out as souvenirs. This is an owambe with class. As in real CLASS – Capslock on! Kaiiii!

In fact, I would rest my target owambes to these kind, not all those ones that will be giving you rubber bucket. Shebi rubber bucket is better, some will be giving you matches, face towel.

Plus they also gave out traveling boxes! Wawu!!! Makes it easier to carry the camping gas home

My dear celebrant, you should know first hand that “Mans not hot” if I’m sweating it’s just a perspiration tin. Don’t give me face towel!

Give me camping gas, I can turn it on to heat out the heat then I turn it off. Simple as A, B, C.


  1. Man can never be hot! Perspiration ting. Lynx effect (that song still makes me laugh).

    LOL @ ‘the aseobi must be very expensive’ – the prices are getting higher and higher these days. I suppose this makes a change from receiving dustpan and brushes, buckets and fans. Haha.

    1. I tell you. I don’t think the asoebi was cheap to be very honest. One can’t pay 5k for asoebi and get camping gas. Camping gas ke? Or a traveling box?… They just throw box of matches to your table jejely

  2. Camping gas though… This is not the kind of wedding you go into just to eat. This would require an invitation card for sure.
    We Nigerians though…always taking it to the next level ??

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