Poverty mentality - Bottle water

Poverty Mentality Or What? 

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You’d be surprised at the things people think about having money or being rich. Like, as long as you have the money, just do it whether it makes sense or not. Spend it on whatever it is you want, whether its useful or not. Obey Nike; Just Do It is their mindset. Poverty mentality is in so many ways, I just learnt.

Why all this one now? Here’s what I experienced…

After class yesterday, I decided to still hang around in school, to meet a few people before heading for home. Just when as I was trying to get busy with photocopying some handouts, I was hungry as hell. So I went out to get something to snack on.

Me: Mummy, please gimme, Festo biscuit #80 and Coke #150 (handing her #500).

Mama couldn’t find change, and before I knew mama started cajoling me to buy other stuffs, and I’m like … Mba! I no dey buy nada… I want my change back.

Then she started the whole yoruba women tin!

Poverty mentality - bottled water

“Egbe e ko lo n ra bottle water fun obinrin ko fi san ese”. Meaning in English: Is it not your mate that is buying 6 bottled water for a girl to wash her leg? and the guy I met there burst out laughing… That one alone provoked the Thor in me…

Then, I didn’t know when I opened my mouth and asked the guy…


Me: Bros? You go fit buy 6 bottled water for girl make she wash leg???

Bros: Ehn, If I have the money na, why not?

I couldn’t close my mouth… So, you mean, you’d gladly buy, 6 bottled water when, pure water is available on standby!

I then turned to the woman and told her, madam if you send #3,000 to your pikin, for 1-2weeks, mmake you con hear say, him use am buy 6 bottle water for girl, you no go disown am? and she became dumb… Bros, couldn’t respond.


No matter how rich you are, I don’t see that as “good standard of living” and trust me, they’ll do that to shame their “imaginary haters” When did buying 6 bottles of water to “wash leg”, I mean gaddamn legs!!! turn to having money? To me, that’s a clear show, that you’re mentally poor. There are tons of other things that could be done with that money.

Imagine #70 X 6 = #420.

Truly that’s small money, but on what did you spend that money. I’m not being a hater here, I’m just being reasonable. You know what’s funny?… It’s that the yeye girl too will be jollificating and showing off to her fellow dumb friends that “My boyfriend bought 6 bottles of water, for me to wash my legs” Just negodu…

I know, you’d be asking me…

but the mama threw subs at me first… Don’t forget. I’m even sure the boy gan, will be a yahoo yahoo boy like that sef… *scratches chin*


  1. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂….Six bottles of water!!! That’s serious. Just like you said, you can spend the money on something else as long as pure water is readily available for you to wash your legs…..

  2. I can just imagine the facial expression of the woman as she said that statement. People really spend money on useless things. Imagine someone buying 50k worth of lace just to make people think she rich while she saved through her nose and went days without eating.

    1. And that one would come and go do shakara for me, and think my eyes will chook? Chooku Chooku ni. All in a bid to shame their imaginary Haters and show they are not on the same level. Hian!

  3. That’s how my roommate will be shouting “I’m rich!” for his guys to hear. He will take them out to eat yam and egg with his money for book.
    Na garri he go dey drink for house.

    I’m all for being lavish every now and then… But I hate useless spending. Jesus sef go buy pure water. Kilode ???

    1. Please give me 5 minutes to Rotfl. Very very true… Incessant spending doesn’t mean you’re rich. Most people don’t get that.
      But that Jesus part tho 😇.
      Thanks for reaching out Demi 👍

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