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 Hi guys, been a while Hun? Yea, exams came knocking, and it’s been hella crazy, at least for this few days, and I’ve officially joined the nerd/bookworm gang, it hasn’t been easy for real. 
To the topic, 

 I was trynna read up, on some posts I found on NL, that I happened to have saved for later and this caught my eye… 

Why have we chosen to be slaves mentally, I have always had it in mind for a while now till, I saw a propellant. 

Why does the society see anyone with a full grown hair, even tho well trimmed and shaved as irresponsible??? It’s really crazy it’s either its low cut or afarikolondo (shine, bright lika diamond), in other words SKIN!!!. 

Dreads is bad, Afro is bad, hairstyle itself is bad, in fact as long as one part is higher than the other parts, then it’s the case below… 

Case Study (Urbanoversabi), 

I remember, back then in secondary school, when I got into SS2 and I was like lemme even start to do style sef. I went to the barbing salon on Sunday evening, and the barber being a family friend, just wanted to over do, I told him categorically 🙅 “I wanted Punk“, I just need a little more hair in front shikena. Of course he did it for me, so I proudly got up, brushed my hair while feeling like, Wizkid 😎, I strolled back home, with a few, “Oya big boy, from school friends I saw on my way home. 

The Tragedy 😭, 

I got home finally, 80% feeling like a big boy and 20% scared, there’s not been  light for 2 whole weeks (Nepa wahala) and as I stepped my foot in the Parlor ehn, Nepa brought the light, tragedy literally struck, as my Dad gave me a thunderstorm like knock on the head and said these… 

I had to skin my head, eventually :'(

Please don’t talk about going to school that week, I just couldn’t afford, sacrificing my head for tapping and slapping abeg. 

Pseudo Freedom; 

This is the problem, any hairstyle that’s suitable to our hair, is a taboo. Dreads is bad but perm is most welcome to most. It’s either its low cut or afari kolondo, and that’s on some white shi*. Even the whites aren’t usually on low cut :?. 

See his head, Mtcheew 😒

Keep your hair short, don’t let the nappiness show! That’s how our fathers, see it, in fact, Africa as a whole. 

But in this century it’s over, take a look at the black celebrities, I bet you’d hardly find any with Jerry curls?  they are making statements by rocking black hair styles. 

We all can’t rock low cuts, as long as it’s well trimmed and treated, C’mon rock it!!  . At least you don’t look like an agbero ;). 

And hey, if you wanna rock dreads and you’re still under Mummy and Daddy like me, please make sure, you have built another house biko. I no send you 😎. 



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