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This is a Public Service Announcement: Is this mic on? Mic check 1-2, hello twe-twe.


This is an important announcement fellow oversabis. I got good news for you all my readers on here. Uhun

So, after brainstorming and trying to figure out a lot of things ranging from both personal and my blog right here on how to make things move forward and get better. After thinking my decision through, I came up with an idea. Yea! I can see you’re eager to hear it…

Here is the big news!!!

I’m launching a new category on here!!! Oya jump up for Jesus …

So, this category is going to be basically about bants on trending topics making the rounds online at the moment. Not a copy and paste thing. Mba! at all. They will be about my opinion on whatsoever topic is giving people headache. yes, beeni. I think you get my point.

I know you’ve been waiting for this news… see your face #yinmu

Yes!!! haba since all this days

This is a new category, I hope to grow and also launch both this blog and the brand Urbanoversabi as a whole into a new realm of authority in blogosphere. #oyinbo. This category will be going by the theme of #UrbanBants. Cool init?

But I can’t do this without the help of you, you and you. Please, I promise this isn’t gonna be boring IN JESUS NAME! Amen!!! Here’s the link to it below

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