Qualities Nigerian Men Want In A Woman

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There’s a chance that you’ve probably asked yourself, the “what do men look for in ladies?” question, which in all way is a good question.

Some ladies may be tempted to think they are special and exceptional; but times have changed with what guys on their torches for these days. Gone are the days of having only a sexy body and a big nyansh or having a tomato Jos face. These days it’s now a combination of Beauty and Brains, then the big nyansh is a plus *grins* obviously a sexy body can be attainable these days.

There are some specific qualities guys look out for in ladies which makes them chase them upandan. Consider developing some of these qualities and have a lot of Men buzzing around you like a swarm of bees while others sweat to even get a man to notice them talk less of court.

Be Financially Buoyant
This is one quality that sits on top of all the others. A lot of men, irrespective of their level of wealth or educational qualifications would want an industrious lady for a wife, not someone that will like to just siddon berekete and adding unnecessary weight, without adding to the home’s gdp. Mbanu!

Self Discovery
Self discovery! This personally is a big one. When a lady knows herself, invariably she is matured to know the difference between reality and trends. That’s another keyword among guys they wouldn’t want their woman pressuring them to do things because her friends are doing it or it’s the new wave, without her weighing the Pros and Cons.

Be Humorous
While you don’t have to be a serious comedian like Helen Paul or Chi Gurl, a little bit of humour can do you no harm abi?  Every man wants a woman that can be so free when around him and one that she can share fun and happy moments with. Take for example Bisola and TTT of BBnaija. A little craziness won’t make heaven come down. Enough of the seriousness, when it’s not UN meeting.

Be Good At Communicating
Good and positive Communication is an important quality guys/men look out for in ladies. Being able to communicate your feelings without feeling ashamed is a plus for you. Most guys now don’t want to be the ones doing the talking alone and you just responding *yea, ok, hun, lol. Ewww, that’s disgusting to the ears. Furthermore, pushing us to be asking common entrance questions of “Have you eaten? What did you eat? Where’s my own?”

Be Stylish
While you don’t have to be as doll_like as Toke Makinwa or Victoria Kimani, you can cover up for facial beauty with being stylish. Find a style that suites you, and not following every makeup video you see on YouTube and Instagram Over painting and contouring dey make face worwor. You don’t need those Kim Kardashian’s heels to be stylish. Different strokes for different folks, find your style and cast out the spirit of insecurity.

Be Supportive
Men want ladies that will be supportive of their careers, dreams and aspirations. If you listen attentively to men and show understanding, definitely he’ll see you as someone he can spend more time with. Nobody wants a money spender, without knowing how far.

Men want ladies that are not limited  to their field of study and specialisations. Being brilliant in your field only will only make men see you as boring. Variety is the spice of life so, versatility is key! In this way, you can talk about everything and anything therefore never a boring moment.

That’s all folks, meeeehn! My fingers are burning. Till my next post ✌


  1. Intelligently put together. It’s straight up to the point, not too long to the point it’s boring and just short enough to pass on the message. That’s why I love this blog! Now make a post for what Nigerian women want from their men, would ya?

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