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Hey, do you know? Today is Sunday?  the month of march and in the year 2017?

Please, don’t tell me you’re trying to figure out the importance of what I wrote up there Ugh!!! but don’t worry, you won’t be laughed at lol. The truth is, I too don’t know why I scribbled that up there.

I know what you’re thinking right now; Enough with the bitting around the bush and go straight to the point! My friend!!!

Okay, lemme break it down for you… I woke up this morning, feeling cold due to the weather this past 4 days, if you stay in Lagos, you’d know what I’m talking about. Instead of me, to go about my usual Sunday routine of getting out of bed early and getting my fry pan like bumbum ready for church, I was literally lazying around the house, walking aimlessly doing nothing, causing wahala in the house and now, the house is empty because everyone has gone to church leaving my little wahala causing-self to lurk around the house… What a shame! God please, don’t let me go to hell because of this #whispers#… 

As I said earlier, its just my wahala causing-self alone at home now, with my faithful laptop and my phone and I wonder why there’s not been light since morning tho. Nepa sha… Everyone is busy praising the LORD and all I’m doing is looking for who to disturb… So, I decided to turn on my laptop and make a random blog post.

So, Incase you’re wondering what’s the purpose of this post gan sef? remember it’s random. 


Till my next post ✌ 


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