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Reasons To Understand Rihanna and Her Braless Trend

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Who has forgotten about the release of Rihanna’s Fenty beauty foundation 2017? Even if you have or want to forget it, I’m sure this sizzling image would remind you…

Rihanna, braless
Yinmu… I thought you said you’ve forgotten?

But, there’s something with Rihanna that has been going for some years now that she joined bad gang. It’s to be going upandan braless. I can’t even be in a public place and view Rihanna’s page on IG with my phone screen brightness at 100. like riri why?. Funny thing is, girls now have decided to join the trend, forgetting that she is RIRI, she has her own money, no african parent, and has spoilt since no be yesterday.

rihanna braless

But NO!, they to want to be #teambraless, pepperdem with perky tits semi-fallen walls of Jericho. Some even forgot that theirs are already looking downwards while they journey in life with their heads up. *pardon me laughs*.

Log on to your Instagram, and check those lit girls page, especially those IJGB or the fashion creatives particularly, then you’d see for yourself. They mostly put on spaghetti or whatever they call them… *na una know*. Always with the tongue out pose. They’re everywhere find them.

One time I was on my way back from church, I saw this fine chic in school, looking all dressed up and all uno. She was braless by the way, I couldn’t help but stare, but you know, I just received fresh anointing from church. At first, I thought: Oh, maybe she just wants to get something from the stall along the road, since its still morning. I thought!!! Till I saw madam again on her way to the exam hall, STILL BRALESS!!! E reach you like that??? *in jenfas voice*

rihanna braless
Are you so hot, you can’t wear bra? or you are too big

It’s not their fault anyway, they all want to be having *wa wa wa, wa wa thoughssssssss*

So here are reasons why Rihanna goes Braless;

1. Because there’s no matching color for Yellow

Rihanna braless

2. Because she feels hot from within ALWAYS, even at night

Rihanna braless

3. So that she can have customers for her recharge card business

4.Finally, because its not in her dictionary!!!

rihanna braless

Let me know your own reasons in the comment box below.

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