The Olsen Twins at the MetGala 2017

Scary And Worst Dressed Photos From MetGala Last Night 

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Last night was the Metgala, you’re wondering what it means right? Well you’re not alone in your oblivion. I’m right here with you too. I Don’t Know!!!
I was on twitter and since I’m not a sucker for Hollywood Red carpets, I usually switch to something else. But last night was an exception to that. I only to see it troll it by chance.

So I’m going to be showing you what I saw with my own eyes, that got me wondering if it’s Halloween already?

  1. First of was the Olsen Twins. They looked very much like smiggle from lord of the rings. MetGala

2.  Second, is this woman who was dressed like an alien that just left its spaceship and wanting to make sure earth is habitable for its clan. I don’t know if she’s a human or an alien. Or maybe half human half alien . Who knows

MetGala 2017

3.   And this woman doesn’t know she’s getting old. She still thinks this is 1997 was she was still bad and boujee . I mean didn’t her people see her before she left the house ? Just saying :?. And her husband was even by her side too.


4.  Katy Perry: She looks like some deity in a yoruba movie. Was she trying to the Beyoncé yoruba goddess thing??

Katy Perry at the MetGala

5.   And the last but not the least… this…  this. I’m giving you the reins , please describe her in one word. She’s Amy Collins by the way.

Bonus Picture: This is picture I’m about to show right now, is just to prove that the MetGala wasn’t halloween themed in any way.

Lily Aldridge at the MetGala 2017

Isn’t she stunning? The rest didn’t see her to copy, but to be doing evil spirit dressing upandan lol.


  1. I am starting to think MetGala is synonymous to Halloween Party. Lol…. I don’t understand the Olsen twins, young ladies that behave like old women…..

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