Sexual Harassment, Feminism

A Story On Sexual Harassment: What Happened On His way To Work

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Inasmuch as I am firmly opposed to feminism, the way fellow men behave nowadays is nothing to write home about.

I was on a bus to my place of work this morning. I sat at the back and other passengers joined. Seated beside me was this teenage girl, quite pretty, simple dressing in a blouse and skirt that ended well below her knees. Despite the fact that she didn’t wear any makeup, the Good book will say “she was pleasant to look at.”

Her harassment started from the park. The conductor kept on making rude, intimidating remarks at her, whether that was his method of ‘toasting’ I don’t know. The driver offered to let her drive for n50 less than the normal amount. That was a nice gesture, true, but purely unnecessary. It clearly made her uncomfortable. Keep in mind that this girl was well dressed, wore a pink gown with frilled short sleeves and a collar that hid her average sized boobs very well. Her bum was nothing to write home about later. It was her face that was more than averagely beautiful.

After about 20mins driving in traffic, we got to a popular bus stop and passengers from the front alighted. We waited a bit for more passengers to fill the front seat.

All of a sudden three guys who were passing by the bus stopped. One of them reached in and pointed directly at the girl, as in, in-her-face pointing at her and said “See fine gyal!”

I was shocked, as we’re others on the bus. It looked for a moment as if he literally wanted to drag her out of the bus to ‘admire’ her. She on her part shifted quickly away from his reach while those of us at the back shouted on him. He laughed and went on his way with his other laughing buddies.
Na wa oh. Don’t we as men have self control again? How would you feel if someone did something like that to your sister? Made her feel uncomfortable and threatened that way? That girl couldn’t have been more than 15 years old and the men around her were just acting like animals!
Please guys let’s have some self control. The reason why there is a feminist movement in the first place is because the oppression and misbehaviour by irresponsible men was becoming too much. Let’s salvage our leadership and become leaders once more, men that women would want to respect, love and cherish.

Sexual Harassment, Feminism


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