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      Are we stingy? don’t love humanity?  don’t like the concept of giving?  or just being plain scared, or just feel indifferent? 
  With the little years I’ve spent on earth, (I know I sound like an alien right now. Just leave it), I have noticed, a lot, like, why can’t we give the person that passed by us, on the street, even without having anything to gain. Is it pride?, because I really can’t pin point it. Walahi. 

  “We are all connected” has been all that has been on my mind this evening. It doesn’t have to be about finance, tho that wan dey too, but C’mon, there are a lot more other things, a counselor, being a confidant, helping when you know you’re capable of, even after the risk and has been outweighed. As long as, it doesn’t take much from you, than the harm it’s gonna cause to the person that’s in need of the help. 


 The reason for this post is this… I will tell you 🙅. 

    I asked a guy for pencil today, in the exam hall, and not like I really needed to do the graph o, but because I felt, you know na, e go boost mark 😄. And he was now doing Buhari on top of common 25naira black and red HB pencil o!!! Imagine 😤 !!! I was really pained, after the exam, I felt like, collecting the pencil by force and using it on his new white tee, but it won’t show on it, or my pen, but I don’t have strength for wahala, how disappointed I was 😒. I sha, hissed like 20 times and mimicked James in Jenifa’s Diary, and it became really awkward 🙁 ( as it was now looking gay), but I was sha angry,that’s the koko :evil:. 

Let’s henceforth change ourselves from within, and I bet the society will be changed, gradually. I know you’re wondering, what a yeye scenario for a serious topic. Me too I dunno o lol. 

Hope y’all are good? Goodnight y’all, gotta prepare for my next paper. 

Ciao ✌.   


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