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Thank You My Orange My Black: #Dedicated Post

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To repeat the header again is to say, Thank you My Orange My Black. This is post is dedicated to you!

This is coming out of the blues right? Well that’s the same way I felt when I saw my name in her blog post… I was shocked like! Did I read that right? Let me start from the beginning again… It was unexpected yet, emotional for me at the same time.

You know the feeling of, trying to piece things together, trying to figure out how to while in a really confused state? Well let me give you a glimpse to how it all happened….

I went to bed early (8:30 pm), restless as hell, as I slept during the day. who knows that feeling.  Confused as HELL! because I’ve been bothered about the growth of my blog, how I lost my vibe, thinking how I’ve gotten so far away from God, feeling remorseful and all. I thought to myself, why don’t I just read all other blog posts, from my awesome bloggers fam?

After reading latest posts from Kozdiaries, Mind Of Amaka, I found a post that caught my attention. How To Fall In Love With Your Blog by the beautiful My Orange My Black. Exactly what I needed!!!.

Clicked on it with the speed of light. *Barry Allen got nothing on me*. Reading the post was interesting, nicely written, everything on point! The points were apt. In fact it was 💯. Then I found my name under the sub heading “Think Outside The Box”… Oh the shock! It was an emotional moment. The feeling of being appreciated was second to none. I got a new drive! I feel better to continue blogging.

This has taught me some important lessons being…

  • You can always talk to God Never belive you and are something separate, because your inner heart will always remind you someway, somehow.
  • There’s always someone watching- Never loose guard of what you don’t fall out, because of one reason or the other… Someone is getting inspired even if you are the worst…
  • We all need to be Appreciated- Who says it’s bad to appreciate someone, or their works? It really goes a long way, you never can tell.

Once again, Thank you My Orange My Black, for your post! God bless you always… I’m grateful.


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