The Battle Between Runs Girls And Decent Girls

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If you have been following the self acclaimed Love Doctor – Joro Olumofin closely, then you’d definitely be familiar with his runs girl vs decent girls debate.

Here’s a screenshot of the different point of views of some ladies.

Runs Girl

Runs girl

Decent Girl

Decent Girl

My Opinion

For one, I strongly think the lines should be clearly drawn and these labels be clearly defined. I see misconceptions written over this whole decent girl label.

A “Decent girl” doesn’t have to mean one, that is dark-skinned, or one that doesn’t use cream, soaps or herbs for her boobs and butt. (I’m not saying other wise)… Referring to the decent girl picture; that is the typical SU girl, no offense. For Christ’s sake, as a lady, you are to dress appealing, not revealing. Who says you can’t slay?

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In fact, as a matter of fact (pun intended), I’ve got female friends that slay even to church, with massive followings on snapchat and Instagram (NO, I’m not dropping any handles) and they are as decent than the word Decent. *Pardon my puns*. 

As for the runs girls, I won’t want to partake in the blame game either, its all a matter of choice and perspectives. I believe to everything, moderateness is key. Runs girl or no runs girl.

Some, say they want love, others say they want to enjoy their youth, others just can’t get out of the web after being caught in it… I just say do your thing omo. Don’t let anybody shame you into doing what’s not right to you. Ignore anyone saying you are not slaying because you are not a runs girl (prostitution).

You Are Amazing!!!

Do you think, I’m being too harsh or too serious? Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment box below…



  1. This stuff is actually a bit funny to me, but I don’t think I’d ever tag someone as a runs girl or whatever because she slays. Slaying no be crime naw. Personally I attend a private missionary university and I know a few people who come from very “conservative” homes so they come to school and don’t necessarily slay but the things they do ehn! On the other hand, I know some very serious-minded religious girls who wear make-up and slay like nobody’s business. But then again, it’s not even my business so I support your view on this.

    1. Exactly my point! It’s not a defined thing to the status of one’s lifestyle. As for those from conservative homes? I’ve seen a lot of them, and the things they do? Abeg let’s leave that… Unprintable things!!!

      Thanks for reading this tho. I appreciate this 🙏, keep coming back for more.

  2. Hey… I’ve been going through a few of your posts. You must have seen my likes on them. I’m not just clicking the “like” button. Your posts are downright hilarious. Somewhat annoying if I don’t agree with your views, but I enjoy reading it.

    Keep up with it 😄😊

    1. “Somewhat annoying if I don’t agree with your views” This part got me laughing out loud, and to think I’m laughing this loud by this time of the night 3:10 am lmao. Thank you for taking out time to read my posts, I’m grateful. Gracias mami!

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