The Secret To Happiness

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Maybe the man reported to have jumped off 3rd mainland bridge yesterday, couldn’t find the “secret box to happiness” maybe…

I got to know about the news last night while busy chatting with my new catch. Depression! Depression!! Depression!!! was all that came to mind… Like how can? He had a nice car, was a medical doctor, had a driver, what could have been the reason he decided to play God and take his own life. sighs

Depression is something, we here in Nigeria have chosen to shuush and never talk about, its now a slow ticking time bomb. There are days, I’d just be on my own, shut myself off from the world at large including my family by just locking myself up in my room and brood for days for no reason and Paranoia then sets in, making a grand entrance and its all in your head, taking full control of you.

We as a country, Nigeria sometime ago, used to be among the happiest countries, but I checked on CNN today, as today being #Internationaldayofhappiness so they made a list of top happiest countries and Nigeria didn’t make the cut. *what a shame* Are we now a “used to be happy country”? If yes, what happened?

Economy, Terrorism, Bad governance and more started stealing our happiness, but hey! We only have the key to our happiness and not the government, economy nor terrorism and its likes can take that away from us…

Better Days Ahead we’ll continue to chant!!!

Till my next post.

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