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The Things That Trend On Twitter; Sex Toys

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You’d think you have seen it all in life till it comes right in your face on the Internet, especially on Twitter.

A sex toy company embarked on a marketing campaign yesterday on Twitter and guess what, the catch phrases and captions were hilarious to a fault… I was literally laughing out loud when at the filling station. 😂.

Sex Toys

Play with yourself, sex toys
You remember my post on Small Doctor’s nude video gone wrong? Well here’s a blast from the past. Nigerians fa
Twitter, sex toys
The kilimanjaro kind of climax 😈

And this Archbishop that refused to be an ARCHBISHOP

Archbishop only in real life. But sex toy advertiser on Twitter

And if you’re looking to patronize them, keep your beast like sex-drive calm. UrbanOversabi gotchu. Here’s their handle… @Playhousenaija

Sex toys
The handle causing the disturbance on the online 😂

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