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Things To Do Before The World Ends Tomorrow

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Its no news that the world will end tomorrow according to infamous Uncle David Meade. I don’t know if to be so spiritual or …. I don’t know.

David Meade


I know numbers don’t lie but hey, this was stated in the bible ‘init’?

David Meade

Why doing combination and permutation over something that has been clearly stated in the bible of which you follow its doctrine? that’s second guessing your faith c’mon!. Alright, enough of the vexation.

So, as ‘he’ has said the world is ending tomorrow, and I’m sure you want to go to heaven whether his claims are true or not, you just do not want to risk hell. Mba! capital NO!. So, here are things to do to make heaven… *grins*

  • Go and settle your debts: Pay that person you have been  owing money and dodging. Else…
  • Agree to that boy asking you to date him for just one day. At least, its the last day on earth
  • If you are lazy like me, and don’t feel like doing any of those chores soon? Just don’t bother, its the last day on earth. Leave it for the sinners that won’t make heaven. Punish Them For Their Sins.
  •  Eat all you can!- Eat anything and everything, in fact raise your middle fingers to #teamfitfam. You can as well, load up your couch or bed with food. Chips, chocolate, a bowl of ice-cream, chicken. EVERYTHING!… So when rapture, you’re also snacking your way up to Baba God.

As for me, lemme start calling all those accusing me of never calling them.

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