Efcc Whistle blowing

Whistle-blowing Is The New Deal

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There’s is new trend now in the Nigeria’s politics and economic circle. Whistle blowing!!!

The amounts that are being uncovered by the EFCC this days is really really alarming. Like so this kind of money is in this country and we are crying recession meanwhile these so called ex-ministers, ex-md(s) are busy hoarding this monies away in vacant buildings in Ikoyi, plazas and places that are not conventional for money saving. This people have got no conscience at all. In fact, they have bought a one way ticket to hell. I don’t want to be judgmental, but this people sure don’t deserve heaven abeg. This is pure wickedness.

Imagine! I can’t drink nutri-milk now in peace again, because I’d have to add N50 to the original price of N100 and you say we should pray for leaders? No wonder we all wanna live the undefined Nigerian dream, without having to mind our leaders’ misbehaviours.

Not to forget, the reward of 5% for whistle blowers who expose these animals in human skins. I know what you’re thinking right now… 5%??? too small.

But think of it, 5% of the recently uncovered $43.4m, £27,800 and N23.2m combined. MY GOD!!!

Efcc Whistle blowing

efcc whistle blowing

Here’s a clip from the whole exposure thing.


  1. Heartless people. The death of million and the birth of billions. As in we don’t hear the sum of 5million dollars was stolen instead its billion upon billion. Only Almighty God will save us.

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