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A Thread For The Food Lovers (2)

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Yes!!! I’m back again!. This time with another set of food to make your mouth water, and make you literally lick the screen of your phone. You don’t believe me? This thread is dedicated both to the food lovers and food lovers not and even if you used to be a food lover but not anymore, it’s goal is to bring you back to Gluttonville. #foodporn lol. This is like a series kind of, you can read about the first part here.

  • I know you can’t wait to see… But how about I burst ya brain with this.
Moi-moi and Custard food
This Moi-moi and Custard studied abroad
  • “You need quotes to be motivated, I motivate for a living” said the Boiled Plantain and vegetable soup.
Boiled plantain and vegetable soup
Meet Boiled Plantain and vegetable soup your Elder Sister.
  • “Feed on me and bother not about gaining weight” yours faithfully –African salad
African Salad food
I will accept you the way you are… “Big Mummy”
  • “I’m sexier than your bae and you know it”

  • I’ve said your life many times than 911 has #fact _ Your Uncle… Mr.Garri
Garri and groundnut
Precious Garri and Groundnut


Dear Uncle Garri, on behalf of Nigerians, I say thank you for always saving us even before we dial 911. We know you have offering your sweet services for free over the years, as a matter of fact, since time immemorial…

Thank You-Nigerians…

I hope you haven’t soiled your screen with saliva. I know just how you feel…

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