The Time I Disgraced Myself On A Lagos BRT Bus

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I usually do not take the Lagos brt bus, not for any reason but because Lagos BRT buses don’t ply my route or maybe I don’t notice them. To think, I was even the last person in my family to ever board a brt, even though na me the thing shack pass

Lagos BRT buses keeps getting better with time. The few times I boarded them were quite interesting, you don’t need to rush, it’s organized; no Madam abeg adjust, it’s a one chair, one nyansh setting. Like in the abroad.

Before and after I went to school in March, I can say the last time I took the Lagos BRT bus was in 2016.

The time I disgraced Myself on a Lagos BRT Bus

Then I heard they renewed their buses and the new ones now have air conditioning and improved sitting arrangement. Wawu! Interesting!!!. So I never got acquainted with the new system in the first place. like say I sabi the former system sef…

My Disgrace Story;

The devil decided to play my penalty to throwing 2 weeks ago, when I had to pick up something for my boss at Alaka Estate from Ojota. I bought a ticket to my destination o, waited for the next bus, then as usual,  the ‘ticketer’ collects and perforates your ticket to ensure the whatever whatever na. You know the drill.

Lagos BRT Bus

The journey started peacefully, the ac was blowing divine air in to my body system, as a fresh boy, I chook earpiece inside ear, listening to Beats FM. Not forgetting I didn’t know the place!, so I was at alert all the same.

Getting to my bustop, I heard the invisible hostess mention my bustop, for any passenger alighting. BRT driver stopped; the devil now wanted to play my own penalty to throwing…

Lagos BRT Bus

As oversabi that I am, I got up jejely, walked through the passengers to the front door, and folks were just looking at me like… Nigga where’s you from bruh?

I was dumbfounded till a fellow passenger said “you’ll go through the back”. I turned around making my way through to the back. *still forming posh* till it was time for the door to open… Can someone please sing aye le o please…

Lagos BRT Bus

I kept on pushing and pulling the door with reckless abandon that a lady said “as handsome as you are, you haven’t entered a BRT?”

At first I was like, why do they feel like they have made it in life because they know how to enter common BRT. Just that blue bus o.

Lagos BRT Bus

I didn’t know when I almost broke down and crying, why didn’t I just go with taxify or danfo as usual than going with the Lagos BRT bus. Now I’ll be someone’s pickup line when wooing a girl. “Baby, I’m an expert in everything I do even taking BRT, leave all those fu**boys alone”. See as I just fall my hands. Just like that…

Lagos BRT Bus


Why am I writing this?….

Because I’m going to taking a BRT again today, to the same place for that matter! Oh Lord!!!

My prayer points this morning

  • I pray I don’t encounter one of those passengers
  • Lord, please don’t let me forget the drill lord
  • Lord, my penalty is my penalty. Nobody is playing my penalty to. throwing in Jesus Name. Amem!

Let me go and get dressed…

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