Time, waits for no one

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I sat there on the table at my Taylor’s place, scrolling through my phone, trying to read up on some history articles, from when, he started engaging me in a discussion, starting from admiring Lumberjack shirt… In other not to look disrespectful by not listening, I was just giving him the – OK? Hmmm. Ehen, ahnahn, until he made a line that surprised me; Time, waits for no man. 
I locked my phone while raising my head up, slowly, I began to pay more attention to what he was saying. He continued, with how he never faced his studies, always being rugged, mostly never went to school, doing “Big BOY”, even tho his Dad, always provided double of whatever he asked for in no time, slowly I began to get angry like “WTF!; If my dad got stuff for me at my beck and call and double, I know where I’d be by now”. But hey! No life’s better than mine. (that’s what I’ve come to realize, about life). 

Time waits for no one

He continued, with how most of his siblings are professionals in their line of profession, as his Elder brother’s a Surgeon, his immediate younger brother’s a Chattered Accountant and some Photographer, Lawyer and more. Then he called his son preparing for SSCE, to take a break from his reading to go and eat.

I became really moved with, I dunno what: just had to go back to my phone, scrolling through nothing in particular… He handed me my cloth, (still trying avoid an eye contact with him), gave him money and whisked out, with shaky legs… 

Really, Time Waits For No Man. 

Time waits for no one

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