#TPChronicles: My Experience With #EndSARS

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Guys, I just had a shivering experience right some days ago – Monday. I’ve had encounters with the #PoliceNG before, but Monday’s SARS was different! Recently, they’ve been wilding out, behaving like they are gods and know one can stop them. This #EndSARS campaign is not something to overlook. Seriously!

Here’s my experience with them on Monday.

#EndSARS, #TPChronicles

Just as I was about taking bike to my Teaching Practice Centre, I got pulled up. As in dragged down from the bike, I got lucky I didn’t fall off. Apparently bike man was one of them.

My bag was ransacked in and out, in fact, everything in it was turned on the floor, said they were looking for drugs. They found a part of my laptop screen I just repaired and that was the deal breaker for them. I was now tagged – yahoo Boy.

I was asked to identify myself, I scrambled the items from my bag on the floor to provide my Id card. Producing it, one of them dragged it and back pocketed it without checking and asking me to “show myself”… “Oya Identify yourself na (punching me) you think say id card be anything

Before I could say Jack! I was in their van, driving me through places I’d never been to before in the same Ijebu Ode. Searched my pocket and collected money I wanted to deposit into an account on my way back home – 6k

I tried asking what I had done wrong, since they couldn’t find anything on me, one of them kicked me from behind telling me “You never know wetin you enter“. Little did I know we had gotten past Ibadan garage, headed to God knows where.

All through the time, none of them asked for my phone or atm card…. All 5 of them! One was even threatening to lock me up saying, I smoked weed and trying to cover up with pink lips… Imagine!

We got to a nearby express, a very lonely road and I was dropped off. Telling me to “waka go back, say I just stress them on top #6k“. At the same time hitting me with the bottom of his AK 47.

Earlier that morning, I uploaded a status on whatsapp “Nobody Like God“, not knowing what God had planned to save me from…

What if I was successfully taken to their cell (Kidnap), who would have known? What if the guy that threatened to “shoot me and nothing go happen” actually shot me, who would have known? I wasn’t taken to the Atm to withdraw for them – Daylight Robbery

#EndSARS, #TPChronicles

To see how God works, that morning I was making and receiving lots of calls and was even on a call while I was bargaining price with the SARS-bike man. But through out the whole drama, my phone never rang not even the beep of a message came in!

I’m still shocked because, I have no dreads on, no full hair (I’m on a low cut), no beard gang and I was even asked to take off my shirt and trouser to search for tattoos!!!

It’s just crazy! When I said all cash on me was taken, it included the #20 in my back pocket. I had to ask a passer-by for cash to get bike to take me to a nearby atm stand. Which turned out to be a #400 bike journey. To see how far I was taken.

It was mad traumatic, even if I had drugs on me, E no suppose reach like that! I mean there’s something called Interrogation!. We really need to #EndSARS. No feet dragging anymore.

#EndSARS, #TPChronicles

I’m just recovering from the shock of the drama. Don’t wait until it happens to your Friend, Brother, Uncle or Boyfriend #EndSARS.

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