#TwitterNG: This Lady Mocked Short Guys But Marries One

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This thing about social media and the stay woke thing.

Apparently this lady has made some jokes about short guys in the past

Lady Mocks Short Guys But Marries one

And even made a joke out of Kevin Hart’s scandal

Lady Mocks Short Guys But Marries one

Knowing fully well she is about to marry a short man or married him already (since she later tweeted that she’s been married but decided to post her wedding pictures yesterday)

Lady Mocks Short Guys But Marries one

Here are some reactions to the wedding pictures


And some ladies have ditched their short boyfriends based on her assertion on short guys. Now, she has left them in the lurch..
social media and fake life are like 5 and 6. One just has to be an independent decision maker void of external influences. That’s how best to live a happy and fulfilled life


    1. Haha ? ? ? ?

      This reminds me of a family that lives down my close, both parents are damn short. My elder bro nicknamed them…

      The Mgbeke Fam ???. Don’t blame him… Blame their genes

  1. Omo this story eh, I settled down to read the thread yesterday and I was sad about the whole calling out they did. Life is deep sha

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