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The Types Of Politicians That Can be Found In Africa

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So, a twitter user with the handle @ife_luv12 made a tweet about our dear Nigerian senator; Dino melaye, posing like an upcoming artiste baddo,

Dino Melaye, Twitter Africans Politicians

but the responses and replies from other African country members showing their own politicians, are not from this world. But, who knew we were the good among the worse…

Here are some of the most hilarious replies of their own government officials/politicians, dressed as ______ fill in the gap

1. A Minister cum DJ – Only in South Africa

South African Minister Twitter
Twitter Africans Politicians

2. The junior brother, Davido never had

Twitter Africans Politicians

3. More like: South Sudan’s Minister for Agriculture – Weed farms

Twitter Africans Politicians

4. Chief Member Of Parliament – Slay Queens Constituency

Twitter Africans Politicians
I pity the girls in this constituency… The Lord will forever be their strength

5. And this one that is still wondering how he still won the election again

Twitter Africans Politicians

6. Not forgetting this one that is already wondering why he became a member of parliament

Twitter Africans Politicians

7. Or these ones that decided to follow the footsteps of “The Giants of Africa”

Twitter Africans Politicians

8. But this one decided that ‘He cannot come and kill himself, because he does not know the back of tomorrow’

Twitter Africans Politicians
Comfortably smoking the people’s future away, as per “#WO, mi o le wa para mi, tori mi o mo eyin ola”

9. But the South Africans, decided to add DABBING to the constitution. As per #BlackCulture

Twitter Africans Politicians

10. Swear I didn’t see this coming too, but the Asians didn’t want to be left out, hence…

Twitter Africans Politicians

Note: It’s not like its a bad notion to sometimes take a break from the conventional Suit and Tie, but at least take a cue from the Gov. of Lagos state. It can be done moderately.

Governor Ambode


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  1. Number one is pretty cool, Number three W H A T THE H E C K??????

    Number five…they got him at a bad time. Number six too, bad time.

    Number seven, old news. It’s happened too may times to count in Nigeria. They should get over it.

    Number eight…I don’t want to believe that’s for real.

    Number nine…please let them have their fun ?

    Number ten is the height. I don’t believe it either. Like whut the hell is he freaking wearing?! He looks like he’s high on something mean.

      1. Number four…I don’t think he’s “fine”, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the picture. He’s a young guy. He’s taking pictures. People should get over it.

          1. I didn’t want to say it earlier cause it’s a delicate issue, but I think you’ll look good together.
            You’ll complement his “obvious” “fineness” ?

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