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Update On Bobrisky’s Arrest: Oshey Baddest!

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Following my previous post earlier today on  Bobrisky’s arrest, reasons following his arrest were not known at the time.

Moments after the news went viral (imagine the kind of news that’s going viral in Nigeria, My God). after much conversations online and speculations, it appeared that Bob toh risky, actually owned up to the unofficial fact that he is gay. like Gay. In case you didn’t get it… GAY.

Now the bad thing here is this… Its known and an established law that, homosexuals being caught are to face 14 years in jail and the olodo still came out and announced it. He bleached his dark skin away with his sense.

Bobrisky snapchat Instagram

Well, the next drama that’s in line now, is for someone to come for his bail or somehow, because he must tell us who his ‘Bae’ is… That’s what I want to see to be sincere. That guy that gives him ‘free’ money as he proclaims…

But, there’s a f^ck-up right now… Does this mean if Bobrisky gets jailed, there won’t be update on snapchat about him, therefore no news about him… and… No more, pickup lines or topics to continue conversations with babes….


Bobrisky snapchat Instagram

Please… We guys know ourselves, we know those that use “So, what do you think about Bobrisky?” as pickup lines…


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