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Weather Phobia

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I don’t know if there’s someone out there that has phobia for severe weather, be it a very sunny day, heavy rainy day or too windy, or cloudy or strong head harmattan. I just have a phobia for it big time

My Definition Of Perfect Weather.

I just like the weather just cool, not so hot that can fry puff-puff that I would start looking red all because of the heat. Because I can’t be dealing with pimples, when my mates are dealing with too much facial hair.

Not so cold that can make me have goose-pimples neither so rainy(especially this one) that we start looking for signal to google search for the sun.

That’s my definition of a weather, or maybe I should just go to the abroad abi? At least I can deal with cold than heat.


So, if you’re like me or you are not so sure if you have phobia for severe weather then, you need to check this list out because its gonna let you know where you stand.


If you feel any of the following in certain weather situations, you may suffer, to some degree, from a weather phobia:

  • Anxiety and panic (heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, and nausea)
  • A desire to be around others when unfavorable weather is forecast or occurring
  • An inability to sleep or eat during sever weather
  • Helplessness when certain weather is occurring
  • You change your schedule so that you can plan around ill weather
  • You obsessively monitor the TV, weather forecasts, or your weather radio…
  • Or If like me, fear of dealing with pimples, and having to be looking for service signal here and there.

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