What Does It Take To Be Happy? 

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Hi Diary! *strange to see the word “diary right”, well I did a sort of overview of this blog, and I realized that, I’ve actually started treating it more like a conventional blog rather than my online diary where I write stuffs for a selected few (which is; y’all).
Purpose of this post? happiness


*heaves a big sigh* I was reading from one of my favorite blogs, actually a blog I draw major inspiration from and from the context of the post you could tell, unhappiness was lurking around, in fact written as a big bold signboard around the owner NSG.

She’s is not a regular blogger you find on the net, or an entertainment niche blog full of celebrity gossip and its likes but a very inspiring blog. Telling from her writeups, one would never have thought, there are some people who seem to help or make people happy, but are unhappy.

I remember when American veteran comedian/actor Robin Williams died and I saw a quote saying…

The people who constantly make us smile, laugh, happy, are usually fighting the biggest demons.

As normal as that sounds, check it out, do a little observation, look deeply at those who make you happy most of the times, spend a little more time to talk about them and when you eventually see the numbers and sizes of demons they fight on a daily, you’d be dumbfounded. ( I’ll have a post about that soon tho).

I also remember coming across a line in a philosophy book, as I tend to read more of philosophy (even though that’s not my discipline) than romance novels, because I find it more embracing for its truth, helping me discover love for humanity and lots more… During one of the days of reading, I found a line I hold even till now which says.

Riches don’t mean happiness, Power doesn’t bring joy but Happiness is sufficient for a lifetime…

Same as J. Cole’s line in his song titled Love Yourz which says…

Love your, love your. No such thing as a life that’s better than yours. It’s beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success… For what’s money without happiness, or hard times without the people you love, though I’m not sure what’s bout to happen next. I ask for strength from the Lord up above. Now I’ve been strong so far, now I can feel my grip loosening…

I have so many things to say right now that my fingers are beginning to look slow even though I’m typing at a seemingly fast pace. I know there will be errors in this write up, I don’t intend to edit either.

But NSG, this might be wrong to do and also will certainly not be the best writeup whatsoever, but I want you to see this as a little something from someone you’ve have greatly inspired and made laugh many a times.

Remember; Happiness Is Sufficient!!! .

Now Playing Love yourz –  J. Cole.


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