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What Is The Nigerian Dream?

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What is the Nigerian dream? What’s that kind of life a typical Nigerian wants to live, that is worthy of being perfectly described as the perfect Nigerian dream?

  1. To land a job in an oil company as a manager
  2. To relocate to a foreign country, preferably the United States or Canada
  3. Learn how to speak with an American accent
  4. Work and earn in cash dollars.
  5. Buy nice and expensive things.
  6. Create a social media presence where you can show off your acquisitions
  7. Become an armchair critic of the government, having very strong opinions about everything they do but no solution
  8. Send money back to Nigeria to build a couple of houses that you might never live in
  9. Make sure you visit during Christmas with dollars to ‘show yourself’.

  10. Along the line, receive chieftaincy title from your village (state of origin) or even from a different state entirely. That’s if your money is looong.

And it’s a wrap, Mission accomplished. Plays out differently but usually the same difference.

Apparently the list stated above is the life every Nigerian wants to live, but unfortunately, this country is the real definition of “no matter as sun hot reach, e no go make hen lay boiled egg“…  Its really not easy being a Nigerian, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. This is the hope that keeps us as a people going.

No wonder, we used to be one of the most happiest people in the world, irrespective of our yeye people in government.

Closing Note; Anyhow anyhow we go pull through. abi? Cheers to everyone trying and working hard to live the Nigerian Dream.


  1. Lol. This is certainly the ‘typical’ Nigerian dream. But it’d only be true if we were still in the 90s. That’s the dream of the youths in the time when we were kids. We are the youths now and we certainly do not have that dream, things are changing.

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