What’s Wrong With Nairaland?

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Before now, Nairaland used to be the forum of information. A place where you can get all the information of all the happenings, where people discuss real life issues, market credible businesses and lots more.

I’ve seen a lot of folks get jobs from there, a lot of folks fond it more comfortable on Nairaland than other forums or top blogs for news. Reason being, it houses topics from oil and gas, football, finance, security and basically all things you can talk about… There’s the Romance (sexuality) section too. See your face.

The good-bad thing about it is, anybody can upload a post, which is not a bad thing – Forum.

But yeye bloggers have now made it a hub of incessant, irrelevant information. All you see is now bunch of useless celebrity news, that makes no SENSE!

News like; Tubaba seen riding bicycle around… You open it, because there’s no relevant news on front page, only to see him riding the bicycle in his own gaddem house! – How Is This NEWS?

It has become too saturated with yeye news of yeyebrities by yeye bloggers. No more educative posts, no more real life issues, no more standard politics news. Nairaland needs to do better.

I used to be a big fan of Nairaland, as I have referred a lot of friends to join the forum, but as of now, I’m not even a regular reader of the forum anymore.

To the owner of Nairaland, please do better or else we port to Quora.


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