When Being Strong Is Your Only Option

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I know you must have heard or come across this quote many times “You don’t know how strong you are, till being strong is your only option”

But have you sat to think about it?

Most of the times when you’re faced with problems no matter how big or small it is, you think the world is crashing on you, everything you’ve worked for is coming crumbling on your feet. You wish the world should come to an end. You want to do the worst (suicide).

But someway, somehow you overcame, right? You won the battle over that thing causing distraught in your life at that time. You feel on top of the world, no feeling can match up to the happiness you feel at that point. You are H.A.P.P.Y

Well yeah. You were strong because being strong was your only option, you didn’t know you could overcome. Imagine you had other possible options, you’d have chosen the others. But because being strong was your only option.

Before you start wondering if I omitted the God factor.  No, I didn’t! It is God. But it’s also in the Bible for you to have faith in Him. In other words, you just gotta be strong to believe him even though you are weak. You just have to believe, even though everything is going south. Don’t forget, you have to be in agreement with God.
I was on phone yesterday with a friend, relaying stuff I was going through blah blah blah. It got to a point, I was silent for a while trying to get something from my bag, then this ensues…


Friend: hello, are you there?

Me: Sighs, I’m here

Friend: Are you crying? C’mon don’t cry na

Me: HELL NO! Crying ke… I was trying to get my earpiece. Hence the fade in my voice. Cry bawo?


Just then I realized. Oh Damn! Seems this issue is such a serious one. I am expected to be downtrodden and sorrowful, or am I being nonchalant to it?

It finally dawned on me, that you don’t really realize how strong you are, until being strong is your only option.
P.S: I have cried to her on phone before… Oya mock me ???

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