Who Runs The World? Men! 

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   So, yesterday was just there, you know those days when boredom becomes your bestie 😐 and you just accept its friendship like that sighs :twisted:. It was really terrible 😒. 
Scrolling through Instagram’s explore page and guess what I found guys? 😈.

Along came a spider with saaauuuce!!!  

Yaassssss! It’s Drake and Jlo! 😎 in a really cozy pose, in a “strange” looking atmosphere ;). 

   It really made rounds yesterday, with Drake receiving accolades,  and numerous gbosas from the Players/Cheaters Association. 

Even Peterpsquare sef, gave him tiri gbosas too 😟. 

What would have been the news, if it were to be a female that dated 4 guys in a year 😶 and also being 17 years older!. I thought😯. 

Anyhow sha, we decided to give Drake,         Player Of The Year Awards. 😂 

Wo, all the single ladies, don’t bother about future partner searching anymore, 😁 just go to a nursery school and pick one of the boys, reciting twinkle twinkle little star 😂😂😂. Let JLO be your role model. 😎

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