Why are lagosians always angry

Why Are Lagosians Always Angry?

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Is it frustration or what? Lagosians are just on a default anger mode.

Permit me to/for laughing, but you won’t blame me for doing so really.

Often times I noticed something about Lagosians. They are on default “Anger Mode”. Patiently waiting and praying for someone to f**k up around them, so they can pour out the tons of anger that has been breeding within them since they got up from bed. Not forgetting the compiled ones from whatever it was from time past.

From exchange rate, to Buhari, to Lai Mohammed lying about creating 400,000 jobs, to Lagos traffic, or the ones in relationship that their boo is “mis-doing”, or MTN that sucks your little airtime with using their own devised straw that we do not know exists. In fact the list is long and endless.

Hence, you’ve got to always use the prefix “Sorry”  before asking or saying anything to anyone for the first time (not in all cases).

Even if it’s to ask for directions, use; Sorry, excuse me, please where can I get a bus going to Ojuelegba from here? That doesn’t mean, you won’t be met with this face tho.

Lagosians are angry


I was coming from Ikeja to Ogudu, just at the Ojota Bridge where I have to crossover to the other side to get to Ogudu. Just then, I saw a small crowd looming around two men arguing angrily, about to tear themselves apart. As an oversabi that I is na *according to Nedu (MTN)*. I decided to *chook*my head to see wetin sup.

Tell me, what’s the cause of the whole rancor?

One took a wrong path on the bridge, and was causing an obstacle for the other.  Simple as ABC.

What was I hearing?…

Man 1: (yelling) Is it your road? Is this your lane?

Man 2: You carry bridge come from YUA village? Na your papa build am? Who you be sef?  Is it YUA leg?

Man 3: You dey ask me who I be? Do you know who I am? How dare you?

Man 4: Abeg make una come see Buhari brother O! Him dey shout on top Ojota bridge o. You be Buhari brother na im you dey use leggedez Benz dey cause hold up on top bridge for people…


I just weak straight. That’s Finishment in one sitting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Funny thing was, immediately people got an idea of what’s causing the drama, they practically hissed loudly that it was causing disturbance to the ears by hearing tens of mtcheeww as you’re on the bridge till you get off.

Personal Advice: To survive in Lagos and escape public disgrace or *hand falling*

1. Pray before you go out : Father anybody that will trigger my anger today Lord, give them k-leg so I notice them on time to dodge them.

2. Always go out with your ear piece. Trust me, you go need am. But don’t increase it that you can barely hear. Vehicles might not jam you, but fellow Lagosians and drivers go frustrate you.

3. Do you have a sunshade? Use it. Even at night, use it. It helps you press “Esc” on potential anger catalysts.

4. Don’t bΓ©; over-do; mind your business; don’t be forward 😁.

Just mind your business like this lady here.

Lagosians are angry

Till my next post ✌.

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