Worst Weekend Ever

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Urrrgghhh!!!!!! I had the most boring and “not good” weekend ever. I never envisioned it to be this way at all. In fact I envisaged it to be wonderful, even tho i had zero to no plan for it.

I wanted it to just run on its own without having any plan whatsoever, you know just a typical “take each day as it comes” Lo and behold, what the weekend had for me on its menu was a full weekend course meal of some set of unannounced body system changes, of which its was “Insomnia”.

Since I was born, I’ve never had insomnia, in fact, I had so gotten used to sleeping late from 11pm since I was 13. Recently, I started becoming so occupied and began finding joy in staying up late till around 2 am steadily for about 2 months straight and recently, I started extending it to 4 am and that’s when the god of sleep decided to punish me.

I started having severe headaches I didn’t signup for, high level fatigue, in fact my brother started watching me closely to make sure i wasn’t doing yahoo-yahoo, I developed big eye-bags that could hold tears of a lifetime.

So, since my breakdown on Thursday, I decided to just dedicate my whole weekend to sleeping even though I had to use sleeping pills, hence, I couldn’t post yesterday as to my promise of #postaday.

I’m beginning to get myself back again and hopefully, I don’t get to suffer from this again, its really unbearable, from the constant banging in my head like where a canon ball just hit to the endless weakness. BOY! its hellllllll.


PS:                                                                                                   Dear Bed; I promise to give you attention, I’ve been depriving you of, for the past 2 months.

How was your weekend?


  1. Lol @ your brother started keeping a close watch on you just to make sure you ain’t doing yahoo yahoo. Be careful with the sleeping pills though so as not to overdose or get addicted. My weekend was another thing entirely, hurt my wrist on Friday from grass clearing, I can’t even remember what I did through the whole of yesterday.

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